Why I'm Thankful I Started Drinking Before College

by - 10/06/2016 02:30:00 PM

This is a risky topic, but I think I should share why I think it's important to start drinking before you head to college. Now, by "drinking before college", I don't mean "turn into a full alcoholic and party every single weekend while in high school". No - I mean "drink enough to know your limit".

If you haven't drank, you obviously don't know your limit. Your limit is when you, the drinker, cannot drink anymore alcoholic beverages because you've literally had too much. This limit is super significant. This limit is the difference from you not being able to walk to you ending up in the hospital.

In college, everyone knows that there's a ton of drinking. And the thing is is that you can't avoid it, and it will happen. So instead of acting like it doesn't exist, acknowledge it and be prepared. By preparing, I believe the two best things someone could do is 1) learn about alcohol and it's serving sizes and 2) drink before college.

Drinking for the first time is scary. Yes, I know, because for my first time, it took at least an hour for me before I could have sip of an alcoholic drink. It's scary, but it's something you should experience and be exposed to. By the time you reach college, there will be boys pre-gaming down the hall from you at eight in the morning (yes, it has happened).

After a few weeks of college, I have realized that it was a superb idea to drink before I came here. Still unconvinced by my unpopular opinion? Below, I've listed a couple of reasons why I'm thankful I drank before college.

1. No one gives a fuck about you.
If you have a roommate who's willing to hold your hair while you throw up over the toilet and put you to bed in your loft bed, then you have a wonderful roommate. But most people are not that lucky. Unless you have friends who go to the same school as you, there's a huge possibility that people on your floor won't be taking care of you. They want to have fun, and they don't want to be dragging some baggage.

2. You're in an unknown place.
College is a wonderful place. You're most likely in a new city and environment, and that's really refreshing. What's scary about this is that you don't really know your way around. So how do you think you're gonna know your way around when you're totally wasted?

Unless you stay at the dorms, it's going to be really difficult to navigate your way around your campus and to the parties. And if #1 applies to you, then how the hell are you gonna get home if you go to a frat party all the way across campus? Knowing your limit and when to stop is a great way to prevent you from blacking out, and also to aware of your surroundings.

3. You know the exact amount for you.
What's wonderful about drinking before you head to college is knowing exactly how much you need in order to become drunk, but not too drunk. It's also a good way to find out if you're a lightweight or a heavyweight, which will totally change the game of drinking for you. By knowing this, you will be aware of how much you can drink, and know when to stop.

4. You can actually relax and have fun.
By knowing your limit, you can actually relax and know that you can drink and have fun without worrying about things that might happen (or things that might happen, and that you don't remember).

Maybe my logic isn't that great, but after a few weeks here at college, I do feel thankful that I drank a good amount before coming here. I know what gets me drunk, and I know when I'm over my limit. We do a lot of walking to get to the parties, and being drunk is while walking a far way can become very, very difficult.

A couple of things you can do is talk to your parents about it. Let them know your thoughts about alcohol, and what you're concerned about. If you're not close to your parents, talk to your friends and get their thoughts on it. I'm not encouraging to drink behind your parents back, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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