Apps You Need to Study Effectively + Good Study Habits

by - 10/18/2016 03:30:00 PM

It's October, and school is finally in full swing. You're use to your classes and you have a routine down. But as the weeks go by, you realize exams are just around the corner. How in the world are you going to study in an efficient and effective way without overloading your brain?

No worries! I have complied a list of tips and tricks you can use to help you study and focus! Not only will it help you ace those exams, but it will also get you into a good study habit!

1. Find a good study spot
Finding a good study spot is a great way to differentiate when you need to study and when you can relax. Obviously, my bed is where I relax and de-stress, so doing homework there would be pretty useless. Go to the library, or maybe find a cute cafe, but make sure your know what study environment is perfect for you. Personally, a library is too quiet for me, and a cafe is too loud and has too many people. I study in my dorm's lounges, where there are windows (so I don't feel closed in and suffocated), but still have some noise in the background. This will help you get into the mode of studying!

2. Find a good study playlist
If you're like me and love to listen to music when you study, then make sure you have a good playlist to play when you study! I tend to stray from the modern/up beat songs, and go towards the mellow ones. Instrumental music is also a good option to go for if you don't like words in the songs.

3. My Study Life

My Study Life is a great online planner if you don't like to utilize a real planner. It's completely free, and a really great resource to write down all your upcoming exams and homework that you need to do. It also reminds you when your exams are, and has to-do lists that are easy to see and utilize. It's available on desktop and mobile, so it's easy to access and manage.

4. Stay Focused
This is essential. This is a chrome extension that you can download from the Chrome Web Store. It blocks social media and websites you may be addicted to when you are studying. This is a great way to avoid getting distracted when studying and doing homework. It keeps you focused on the main task at hand, and prevents you from procrastinating.

5. 50/10 and Timer+
This is a good way to manage your study habits without overloading your brain. You can use a method called 50/10. Set a timer (hence the app Timer+) for 50 minutes. This indicates that you will study for 50 minutes without any distractions and social media. After the 50 minutes is up, you can use your 10 minutes to take a break. Stretch, get up, go to the bathroom, go on social media. This 10 minutes is to give your brain a small break from the information you've been studying.

In order to keep time, I suggest to not use your phone as a timer. It will only be more tempting to check the time, and then also check all the messages you've missed while you're at it. Instead, get a timer app. There are a bunch of free timer apps online. I found a great app called "Timer+" that is available through the Windows App Store. It doesn't matter where you find your timer; just do not use your phone as one!

I hope these tips have helped you prepare for all those exams that are coming up. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below! Good luck!

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