The Devil DOESN'T Wear Prada - It Wears Smiles

by - 8/07/2016 10:07:00 PM

We've all come across that certain person in our life who is truly the Devil. Not the Devil who has horns or has fire coming out of their mouth and ears. No, not that Devil. This Devil is someone we know, someone we were acquainted with, or even more so, a friend.

Most people only have one Devil; a small percentage have multiple. That small percentage includes me, only I didn't know I had multiple until recently. Though Meryl Streep is a beautiful but cruel Devil, she is nothing but sparkles and unicorns compared to the Devils in reality.

The Devils in reality are not cruel. They don't wear Prada, and they are not as successful as Meryl Streep. No - instead, they wear smiles and seduce you into friendship and trust. They learn your interests, weaknesses, and everything in between.  Devils who don't wear Prada wear smiles in order to earn your trust, only to crush it within seconds.

These Devils are false in their personality and their authenticity. They pose as your right hand man, your maid of honor, your Robin to your Batman. You'll trust them - you'll trust them and have fun with them. Ultimately, you'll love them.

And then one day, you're blindsided. Blindsided into nothingness until all you've worked for crumbles at your feet, and you're left staring at the pieces wondering what went wrong.

Nothing went wrong. You just fell in love with a Devil who wears smiles.

Now, you may be thinking - Selena, what the hell does that mean?

The Devil who wears smiles is a trickster. They don't sabotage or create mass chaos at the beginning of the journey. This creature becomes your friend, and earns your trust and respect. They are your other half - something you cannot live without. They are your air, and you are their air.

These tricksters play your friends, until they turn their backs and drop you in the middle of the ocean with nothing but your stupidity and blindness. They have two faces, but only they have the power to chose which one they want to show you.

It hurts. It hurts a lot, but what the Devil doesn't know is that it will not crush you. You are strong and independent, even if you did rely on them for air. In your heart, you know you do not need them. They are toxic, and they are only asking you for an addiction to follow suit. But see through the toxic and smiles. See through the insincere laughs and fake "how are you?"'s. Dismiss those forced coffee dates and drunk nights.

Because whether you like it or not, they will stay the Devil - the only thing you will see is the smile.

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