Pros and Cons of Having a Big Family

by - 2/24/2017 02:30:00 PM

I am incredibly blessed with wonderful brothers and sisters who I can fully rely on. They are funny and supportive, and we have so much fun together. Although we know how to joke and have fun, we do run into struggles every so often. Below are the pros and cons of a big family.


You Will Always Have Someone to Turn to

I have three sisters and two brothers. That is an endless amount of people I can go to to get help or advice. If one sister doesn't agree with you, you can move onto the next sister, and hopefully, that sister will share the same perspective with you.

Each person in the family is for a designated topic in your life

Going right along with the first one, I find that each of my siblings have a specific topic that I go to to get help for. For example, I go to my older sister if I need life advice, or need to deal with serious situations in my life. I also go to her if I want to have fun and party. If I need advice on photography or blogs, I go to my younger sisters for that. If I find myself talking about video games and action movies, I go to my younger brothers to discuss that (and eventually play the game, or watch the movie).

It's super convenient for me, and they seem to enjoy the conversation (even if they don't know what topic they fall into, but they probably know now after reading this).

You get to share clothing

I have three sisters. Thankfully, we are all about the same size. That being said, we get to share clothing. When we were younger, we use to go "shopping" in each other's closets and find something we wanted to wear (of course, we needed the approval of the sister first). It was super convenient because we didn't have to buy two of everything; instead, we could just borrow, and maybe the clothing article wouldn't be returned back to the right closet (though I was already really good at keeping track of my clothing).

Because some of us don't live at home anymore, it's difficult to share clothing, though we are sure to provide advice about fashion and makeup when it comes to big events like family dinners and holidays. Having sisters to help with that is awesome, because out of the four, I am the worst at fashion and makeup, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Having them is a wonderful support system as well.


Sharing a bathroom with too many people can get chaotic (can't keep it clean either)

In our house, we had two bathrooms. That being said, three of us were in each bathroom. I remember on school mornings, my sister would be taking a shower while I would be doing my makeup and hair. It's things like that that make you thankful for not only how close you are, but also the sibling themselves. It was hard to share, but it made experiences funny to look back at. Thankfully, most of us had school at different time, so we woke up and used the bathroom at staggered times.

Lastly, one con about a big family is keeping the bathroom clean. We were pretty good at keeping it clean, but having four girls share one bathroom got pretty crazy. We had our little designated space for our makeup, but that sometimes classified as the entire bathroom counter. Let's not forget about our straighteners and blow dyers and curlers. It made getting ready super interesting.

Sharing rooms suck

Our house was pretty small, and that resulted us in sharing bedrooms. I've shared bedrooms with multiple sisters, and let's just say they were pretty rough. It was a great experience, but I would rather have my own space, and not clean up their mess every week.

You can't get peace and quiet

This probably has to be the number one con there is to having a big family. With me being one of the older siblings, I find that peace and quiet is something I need in order to unravel from a long day, or to do homework. That being said, it's hard to have younger siblings that are always constantly loud and won't shut up (I'm talking about my younger brothers). I've learned to tune it out, or to turn up my music. I also find that when I do have peace and quiet back home, it's hard to adjust because I'm always so use to the loud screaming.

There you have it! Although there were some struggles, I love my family and wouldn't trade them for the world.

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  1. Haha love the second pro!! & yes, I can totally agree with the last con. We never get peace and quiet with those darn boys!!!!!! And we probably never will! ��