Second Semester Struggle - How to Work Through the Last Stretch

by - 4/12/2017 01:30:00 PM

I have less than four weeks until I am done with my first year as a college student. It's surreal, and I am incredibly proud of myself. This year has been crazy, and I can't believe I went through the stress and tears of college. That being said, it's not over yet.

Whether you're a college or high school student, you understand the second semester struggle. The cold starts to go away, the sun actually comes out, you can put away your winter jacket, and you can start wearing sandals and dresses and skirts. It's amazing. What's not amazing is the lack of motivation you have. This happens to everyone; you are not alone.

That is why I am here today! Below are some tips to help you gain motivation for that last stretch of second semester.

1. Do not study outside

This seems like a stupid tip. It isn't. With spring rolling around the corner and the temperatures getting hotter, you want to take advantage of the nice weather. I mean, you've been inside all winter; you need some sun time, right? WRONG. This is a trap. Abort immediately. If you study outside, you'll be too caught up in the nice weather and the different activities you could be doing. You tell yourself you'll relax for 30 minutes outside, but that 30 minutes turn into 4 hours.

Instead, go study at a place with lots of sunlight. You get the sunlight (and maybe heat) but you are focused because you are inside. It helps your mind zone in on the specific assignments and tasks you need to accomplish.

2. Plan ahead

Planning ahead four weeks seems too extreme, but it isn't. The last month should be go time. You should plan your next four (or two, if you're feeling lazy) weeks to get an idea of the different projects and assignments you need to do. 

Have to write a research paper? Write one paragraph of that paper each day until the due date, which could ultimately get you to start that paper 2 weeks in advance. 

Have a final? Take each weekend and set aside material to study. My class is divided into chapters, so I set aside time each weekend to study two chapters. I do this until I have my final. You have 10 chapters? That's five study weekends before the final. You are going to be prepared and ace that exam!

3. Exercise

Motivation is absolutely gone at this stage. That being said, get yourself up and going. Take advantage of that nice weather and go for a run, even if it's only for five minutes. This will give you natural energy to do work and get stuff done!

4. Get Some Sleep

This seems like common sense, but people always over look it. It's important to get sleep at this stage of the semester. You probably have a thousand things on your mind. By planning ahead (aka point 2), you can plan your assignments in a certain time frame. By planning your assignments in a certain time frame, you can assure yourself that you get everything done in the day, and get to bed early!

I hope these tips help! We're all so close to summer; only a few weeks left! Good luck, and finish strong!

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